ETDEWEB is the largest single collection of energy-related scientific information in the world and it has recently surpassed the 4.5 million record mark!  There are over 400,000 full text PDF documents available, and over 1.1 million records with links to sites throughout the world.  In addition, users have the option to search for additional energy-related journal publications, and a search option for related patents and other resources is coming soon.  Other features include the ability to set up regular “alerts” for notification of new records on a particular topic, and users may also submit their own research papers.  ETDEWEB access is free for U.S. scientists and researchers, either through individual login or via site/domain access.

ETDE is the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), a multilateral information exchange agreement under the International Energy Agency (IEA) framework. Its primary objective is to collaboratively build the ETDE World Energy Base. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) represents the U.S. in the ETDE agreement and also serves as the operating entity, managing ETDE under the direction of an Executive Committee, made up of delegates from other countries.  For more information about ETDE and ETDEWEB, contact Ms. Debbie Cutler at the ETDE operating agent (

Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016