Powerful tools at E-print Network

The E-print Network (EPN) provides a gateway to a set of powerful tools that facilitate access to and use of scientific and technical e-prints communicating the results of a wide range of research activities of interest to the Department of Energy. These subject-based e-prints reside at institutional repositories, websites and data bases, remote locations worldwide. About two million of these research documents are retrievable from websites directly maintained by the researchers themselves. Millions more are accessed from science centered databases as provided by universities or by subject-centered distribution points. While these sources employ a wide variety of technologies, architectures, platforms, formats, software, and search engines to manage and retrieve data, the EPN pulls this vast data together through a distributed search capability so that our patrons gain ready access to desired research information without having to know where the needed information resides on the internet. Note that while the EPN facilitates access to these resources, it does not change the content or data provided by the originating site or author in any way. When a document is displayed or downloaded, the patron actually downloads the e-print directly from the website where the document resides. No documents are stored with the EPN nor are directly distributed from our servers.

Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016