Most Viewed Documents - Energy Storage, Conversion, and Utilization

Process Equipment Cost Estimation, Final Report
H.P. Loh; Jennifer Lyons; Charles W. White, III (2002) Continuously variable transmissions: theory and practice
Beachley, N.H.; Frank, A.A. () Review of air flow measurement techniques
McWilliams, Jennifer (2002) Building a secondary containment system
Broder, M.F. (1994) Cost benefit analysis of the night-time ventilative cooling in office building
Seppanen, Olli; Fisk, William J.; Faulkner, David (2003) Evaluation of the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid Syneregy Drive System
Burress, T.A.; Coomer, C.L.; Campbell, S.L.; et al. (2008) Nanofluid technology : current status and future research.
Choi, S. U.-S. (1998) An Improved Method of Manufacturing Corrugated Boxes: Lateral Corrugator
Frank C. Murray Ph.D.; , Roman Popil Ph.D.; Michael Shaepe (formerly with IPST, now at Cargill. Inc) (2008) Energy Saving Potentials and Air Quality Benefits of Urban HeatIslandMitigation
Akbari, Hashem (2005) Energy use and domestic hot water consumption - Phase 1. Final report
Goldner, F.S. [Energy Management & Research Associates, Brooklyn, NY (United States)] (1994)

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