DOE Science Showcase - Heat Pump Research

DOE and its predecessor agencies have been researching heat pump technology since the early 1950’s.  This heat pump research information has been made available to DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information for inclusion in OSTI’s free web-based resources.

Image Credit: EEREImage Credit: EERE

Among these wonderful resources is the DOE Information Bridge.  This database provides users a rapid way to find the latest DOE sponsored research as well as legacy information in full-text format.  A useful feature of the Information Bridge is the ‘relevant subject clusters’ listing.   An advanced search for “heat pumps” in the bibliographic record returns 490 records.  The ‘Relevant Subject Clusters’ for this search are displayed on the search results page as shown below and link to specific research documents within the selected subject. 


Relevant Subject Clusters (for the terms “heat pump”)



Additional heat pump research information is available in the latest white paper, In the OSTI Collections: Heat Pumps by Dr. William Watson, Physicist.  


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