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DNA with Features

"DNA with Features,"  
Image Credit: Office of Biological and Environmental Research, U.S. DOE Office of Science.

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Genomics is a scientific field focused on sequencing and analyzing genomes, the complete set of genetic material encoding the biological instructions for developing and maintaining an organism. Insights from genomic information are catalyzing an extraordinary transformation in our understanding of biological systems and how we can use their capabilities to address challenges in the environment, energy, industry, biomedical, and other application areas.

DOE’s Genomic Science Program research is conducted at national laboratories and universities and includes single-investigator projects, multi-institutional collaborations, and fundamental research centers. The genome sequences of organisms studied in these projects are provided largely by the DOE Joint Genome Institute, a premier genome science user facility dedicated to energy and the environment.  


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   Community of Cells   










 "Community of Cells,"
Image Credit:  Office of Biological and
Environmental Research,
U.S. DOE Office of Science.


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