DOE Science Showcase - DOE's Smart Grid Research

Image credit: DOE Office of Electricity
Delivery & Energy Reliability

A modernized electrical smart grid is needed to handle the exploding requirements of digital and computerized equipment and technology dependent on it as well as one that can automate and manage the increasing complexity and needs of electricity in the 21st Century.  The Department of Energy (DOE) is working to increase the reliability, efficiency, and security of the country’s electrical system; encourage consumers to manage their electricity use; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and allow the integration of all clean energy sources and electric vehicles into the grid of tomorrow. Read more about the power grid and the research being funded by DOE in Dr. William Watson’s latest white paper In the OSTI Collections: Keeping Power Grids Stable.


OSTI invites you to visit DOE’s Science Accelerator where you can do a single search through multiple DOE databases to learn more about smart grid research.  See results below for the terms “smart grid”. 



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Last updated on Tuesday 17 May 2016