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Plasma, the electrified gas that surrounds and illuminates our world, is the fourth state of matter. The behavior, nature, and complexity of plasma allows DOE scientists, research institutions and international partners to research a diverse number of applications that are significant to our world. DOE plasma theorists are developing the fundamental plasma theory and computational base needed to understand plasma. Hall thrusters are being studied that satellites and space probes use for propulsion. Research on beam dynamics is yielding applications from particle accelerators to the creation of fusion. Plasma-based systems are being developed to manufacture a radioactive element vital to medical exams. Nanomaterials are being synthesized and plasma astrophysics researchers are gaining insight into magnetic reconnection and the formation of the early universe.  Read more about the natures of plasma and the research being funded by DOE in Dr. William Watson’s latest white paper In the OSTI Collections – Plasma.

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Plasma Results in DOE Databases

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Last updated on Wednesday 15 March 2017