DOE Science Showcase - Biofuels

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"Corn stalks growing in Northern Colorado ,"  
Image Credit: Warren Gretz, NREL.

Corn stalks growing in Northern Colorado

Biofuels are biomass or organic materials converted to liquid or gaseous fuels such as ethanol, methanol, methane, and hydrogen.  The expanded use of biofuels offers an array of benefits for our energy security, economic growth, and environment.  The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office is focused on collaborating with industry, national laboratories, and other stakeholders to transform the nation’s renewable biomass resources into cost-competitive high-performance biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower.  Work is underway to develop emerging production technologies beyond bench-scale to pre-commercial demonstration scale, culminating in the construction of pioneer biofuels production plants. With research and development to produce these fuels sustainably and affordably, we can provide home-grown alternatives for a transportation sector that is so heavily dependent on imported oil.

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DOE Biofuels Research Information in DOE Databases

  • Scitech Connect – search results from DOE science, technology and engineering research programs. 
  • – search results from U.S. federal science agencies.
For additional information, see the OSTI Catalogue of Collections.


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Algae, algal research

"Algae, algal research"  Image Credit:  Dennis Schroeder, NREL.


Bioenergy Science Center – Research focuses on biomass formation and modification, biomass deconstruction and conversion, and enabling technologies all supported by integrating activities.

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
– Research focuses on new bioenergy crops, enhancing biomass deconstruction, developing routes to new biofuels through synthetic biology, and creating technologies that advance biofuels research.

DOE Joint Bioenergy Institute
– Research focuses on molecular biology, chemical and genetic engineering, and computational and robotic technologies to develop advanced biofuels.

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