How to Use the DOE Data ID Service: For Data Centers and High Volume/High Frequency Submitters
  1. Call or email your organization’s Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Manager.  Your STI Manager will refer you to the correct contact at OSTI.  Or, if someone else has suggested you contact OSTI directly, you may do so through the DOE Data ID Service email.

  2. OSTI will work with you to discover your needs, learn about your data, and advise how you may want to establish your automated submission.  OSTI maintains the AN 241.6 Web Service/API for this purpose.

  3. OSTI will set up accounts for your metadata feed with TEST E-Link, DataCite, and, at the appropriate time, production E-Link. 

  4. Once your end of the web service is ready, you will begin submitting test records for OSTI to review.  Following feedback and making any necessary changes in your XML format or your metadata is important to ensure your records will load correctly into production E-Link and travel successfully to DataCite. 

  5. During the test phase, you will want to read the STI Announcement Web Service for 241.6 Data manual carefully and ask questions of OSTI to learn about custom options available such as reserving a DOI before your data is ready to be publicly accessible or using a “DOI infix” to add intelligence to the DOIs you will receive. 

  6. When both you and OSTI are satisfied that the testing phase can end, your production credentials will be provided, and you can begin submitting metadata to receive “real” OSTI IDs and DOIs rather than the TEST ones you received in the test environment.


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Last updated on Tuesday 21 March 2017