How to Use the DOE Data ID Service: For Grantees
  1. Grantees who are not stationed at one of DOE’s laboratories may access the E-Link website at

  2. Select the link for Financial Assistance Recipients.
    financial assitance recipients

  3. Choose Scientific Research Datasets (AN 241.6) from the menu and begin entering the metadata that is asked for.

  4. Ensure all required fields are completed with the appropriate information.  Required fields are: Dataset Type, Dataset Title, Creator/PI name, Dataset Product Number, DOE Contract Number, Originating Research Organization, Sponsoring Organization, Publication/Issue Date, and the URL for the HTML landing page.  Some minimal contact information is also required for administrative purposes.  More detailed information is provided at and also at

  5. Provide information for as many of the optional metadata fields as possible.  A description of the dataset is optional but is highly encouraged because of its extreme importance for enhancing searchability.

  6. Use the buttons at the bottom of the AN 241.6 to submit the metadata to OSTI.  Note that the dataset itself is not physically transmitted to OSTI, only the metadata that identifies and describes it.  OSTI does not upload or host the actual dataset.

  7. Print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.  The submitted information will be reviewed by OSTI and, if the dataset is a deliverable required by your grant, by the appropriate DOE Site Office.  You will be notified if your record needs additional input.

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Last updated on Tuesday 21 March 2017