DOE Data Explorer has interactive data maps

Interactive data maps allow users to change views or manipulate the underlying data and thus receive new or "customized" sets of information. These maps are normally developed with geographic information systems tools. This type of interactive interface is most often used with geographical and statistical datasets, but genome data may be displayed this way as well. The National Nuclear Data Center's Chart of Nuclides ( is an example of another type of interactive data map.

To explore collections of data maps funded (in part or totally) by DOE, use the "Browse by Content Type" option at . One of the seven content types is "Interactive Data Maps." Select this content type to view a list of the collections that have these maps as their primary content. You may also enter the word "maps" in the search box on the DOE Data Explorer home page and bring up additional records where maps are part of the content.

Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016