Customized Resources for Others

OSTI applies these capabilities to provide customized information tools and services for individual DOE offices and non-DOE government entities on a cost-reimbursable basis. These services are provided under the authority of the Economy Act (31 U.S.C. 1535-36).

Expertise is available in a range of technical areas, including:

  •  Information science and subject-matter analysis
  •  Metadata and full-text management
  •  Electronic dissemination using various media
  •  Distributed searching
  •  Data harvesting

OSTI develops and maintains subject-specific databases, web portals and websites, manages information systems, and provides electronic publishing and creative services to help DOE program offices, other government agencies, and international organizations better manage their information resources.

Department of Energy


Office of Science (SC)

Laboratory Equipment Donation Program (LEDP) – Web-based application system to allow colleges and universities to search and apply for LEDP grants online.

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) – Provides information on CESD's research projects, including the former Environmental Management Science Program (EMSP) and the Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research (NABIR) programs.

Office of Biological and Environmental Research (OBER) Abstracts Database – Information on BER's research projects in the areas of Biological Systems Science and Climate and Environmental Sciences.

SC e-journals (Office of Science access only) provides the Office of Science (SC) management and staff electronic access to the full text of key peer-reviewed scientific journals. Titles are of broad interest to the Department of Energy.

Office of Policy and International Affairs (PI)

ClimateVision – Provides information on voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

Geothermal Technologies Legacy Collection – A wealth of geothermal citations and reports from various resources including the Department of Energy (DOE) and its national laboratories, industry within the United States, and similar organizations from around the world (see Geothermal Technologies Flyer 254-KB PDF)


Office of Health, Safety and Security (HS)

OpenNet – References to all documents declassified and made publicly available after October 1, 1994.

U.S. – Gateway to U.S. government science information and research results, providing one-stop access to over 40 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information.


Global Databases– Global science gateway to national and international scientific databases and portals, providing one-stop access to over 80 worldwide scientific databases.







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