Information Bridge

Information Bridge, the Department of Energy’s full-text research report literature database routinely highlights features of DOE related research throughout the year.  Below are snippets of topics that were featured this past year. A complete list of archived features are available via Information Bridge’s Feature Archives.


A feature on electrical energy storage announced plans for DOE’s Office of Science to fund a 24 million Batteries and Energy Storage Hub in FY 2011.  Links to full-text research documents on batteries and energy storage were also included.



nanoscale science
A feature on ‘Nanoscale Science’, the study of matter at the atomic scale, featured DOE’s Nanoscale Science Research Centers and links to nanoscale related full-text research documents.



supercomputer modeling
DOE’s Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research was the focus a feature on ‘Supercomputer Modeling and Simulation’.  ASCR’s 2010 INCITE Awards and links to full-text documents on simulation research was additionally included.



Peptide Research
DOE/NSF funded peptides research at Emory University was the focus of a feature on ‘Peptide Research’.  Links to full-text documents on peptides research were included.
Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016