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Recently, the OSTIblog was recognized by as a top government blog. Since then, we have added even more features with our great content. Give some of these new features a try now.


The improved OSTIblog has…

…more social contacts

…more personality

  • Profiles and bios
  • Profile pages show the author's posts
  • Contact forms for each author
  • Join for personalized Bookmarks

…more mobility

  • Custom browse and search displays for mobile screens - Click here to preview
  • Join to subscribe to email notifications from your phone
  • Join to save online Bookmark articles from your phone
  • Better print formatting, with URL footnotes

…new Content

…better search and discovery of related content

  • Spell check corrects mistakes, a search for "teknology" suggests "Did you mean technology?"
  • Save time with search results by using faceted search filters by author, topic, date, content type
  • Sort search results by date, author, title, topic, relevance
  • Discover related content, look for "more-like-this" links below each full post

…better readability

  • Less scrolling required. The new paging feature reduces vertical scrolling.
  • View titles of recent thread posts right on the front page
Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016