January 2013 Most Viewed Documents for Biology And Medicine

  1. Nevada Test Site Radiological Control Manual
    Radiological Control Managers' Council Nevada Test Site
  2. Effects of ionizing radiation on the boreal forest: Canada's FIG experiment, with implications for radionuclides
    Amiro, B.D.; Sheppard, S.C
  3. Assessment of atmospheric metallic pollution in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, Brazil, employing Tillandsia usneoides L. as biomonitor; Avaliacao da poluicao atmosferica por metais na regiao metropolitana de Sao Paulo, Brasil, utilizando a bromelia Tillandsia usneoides L. como biomonitor
    Nogueira, Claudio Ailton
  4. Development of simulation tools for virus shell assembly. Final report
    Berger, Bonnie
  5. Transcriptional Regulation of Apolipoprotein A5 Gene Expression by the Nuclear Receptor ROR alpha
    Genoux, Annelise; Dehondt, Helene; Helleboid-Chapman, Audrey; Duhem, Christian; Hum, Dean W.; Martin, Genevieve; Pennacchio, Len; Staels, Bart; Fruchart-Najib, Jamila; Fruchart, Jean-Charles
  6. Reconstruction Of Regulatory And Metabolic Pathways InMetal-Reducing delta-Proteobacteria
    Rodionov, Dmitry A.; Dubchak, Inna; Arkin, Adam; Alm, Eric; Gelfand,Mikhail S.
  7. Elucidation of the Mechanism of Gene Silencing using Small Interferin RNA: DNA Hybrid Molecules
    Dugan, L
  8. Spectrum measurements and calculations in the epithermal neutron beam at the FiR 1 BNCT facility
    Seren, T.; Auterinen, I.; Kotiluoto, P. (VTT Chemical Technology, Espoo (Finland)); Seppaelae, T. (Clinical Research Institute, Helsinki University Central Hospital (Finland))
  9. Travel for the 2004 American Statistical Association Biannual Radiation Meeting: "Radiation in Realistic Environments: Interactions Between Radiation and Other Factors
    Brenner, David J.
  10. Hanford Internal Dosimetry Program Manual, PNL-MA-552
    Carbaugh, Eugene H.; Bihl, Donald E.; Maclellan, Jay A.