Reference Linking at the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information


The usefulness of electronic R&D reports, such as those accessed via the SciTech Connect, is enhanced if report references are accessible via hyperlinks. With Reference Linking, a reader can simply select on the hyperlink of a reference at the end of a report to access referenced material.


Below is an example. Scroll to the end of each report to see the enhancement offered by Reference Linking.


  With Reference Links Without Reference Links

Spin Polarized Electron Probes and Magnetic Nanostructures


Identifier Number:  816290 - Creator/Author:  Mills, D.L.    



Often, when a DOE R&D report is written, hyperlinks to references are not offered. However, authors notified by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) that their report has been added to the SciTech Connect may request Reference Linking. In response to such a request, OSTI will add hyperlinks, where available, to the references and return the hyperlink-enhanced report to the author for review. The author can then submit the hyperlink-enhanced report through normal channels, following internal site procedures, so that it replaces the original report.


In some cases, readers may not have access rights to hyperlinked referenced material. For example, a hyperlink to an article in a scientific journal may not be live if the reader or institution does not have access rights arranged with the publisher of that journal. Arranging access rights with publishers is the responsibility of readers or their institutions, and is beyond the control of DOE.





Last updated on Monday 20 March 2017