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DOE Energy Link (E-LINK) Access Request


(Financial Assistance Recipients/Non-Major Site/Facility Management Contractors, go to www.osti.gov/elink-2413/)

Major Site/Facility Management Contractors and DOE Headquarters and Field personnel are required to obtain a user name and password to access E-Link submissions and related reports. The process to obtain a user name and password also requires the individual to select the organization they are requesting access to, as well as the level of access they wish to obtain. The combination of this information defines the type of access and various other data relationships in the system. If the requester already has already established an E-Link account, she/he may select DOE Program Offices, Field Offices, and Major Site/Facility Management Contractors to Log On.

Financial Assistance Recipients/Non-Major Site Facility Management Contractors do not need a user name and password to access or submit the Announcement Notice 241.3 and associated scientific/technical deliverable. These individuals should access the Announcement Notice 241.3.

Problems or questions associated with the Access Request process should be e-mailed to 241user@osti.gov. Contact Kim Buckner of OSTI at (865) 576-1228 for additional information.

Person Requesting Access:

  • *Affiliation:      
  • Important - If you are not your site's STI point of contact or releasing official,

Requested Site(s) and Access Levels*:

  • Select a Site (Primary First) Read Only Input/Edit Releasing
    Please select Access Level

    * Access Level Definitions:

    To access your site's data in order to view site submissions.
    To enter and revise data.
    To officially submit announcement data on the Announcement Notice 241.1 or Announcement Notice 241.3 and STI product deliverables to OSTI. You will be responsible for verifying that appropriate reviews and releases have been obtained, e.g., classification, intellectual property, or other sensitive content determinations. Access privileges include data input, edit, delete, and hide privileges.

Select Log On Credentials:

  • Log On Name Must Be Unique to Each Individual (Do not use site code).
  • Password Requirements
    -Minimum of eight non-blank characters with both upper and lowercase
    -A number AND a special character in the first seven characters
    -A non-numeric in the first and last position
    -May NOT contain the logon name

Prior to providing STI to OSTI, the STI Releasing Official must ensure that appropriate announcement and availability restrictions have been applied in accordance with statutory, regulatory, Executive order, and/or other Departmental requirements (see DOE O 241.1B). Unclassified, unlimited STI is announced to the public on SciTech Connect and other web-based resources, including national and international STI portals.

As a designated Releasing Official for my organization-

  • I agree to protect my E-Link account username and password assigned to me and not divulge to any other person for any reason.
  • I understand my official responsibilities as an E-Link Releasing Official for ensuring that STI has undergone appropriate sensitivity reviews and is marked accordingly.
  • I understand that I have unlimited E-Link privileges to my organization's E-Link holdings to include input, edit, and release privileges for all announcement notices and STI provided to OSTI. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to protect, to the best of my ability, all controlled unclassified information (CUI) and protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) residing on E-Link from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction.
  • I understand that my actions affect subsequent accessibility of STI via established OSTI systems regarding release of STI in the public domain (i.e., unlimited announcement) or the application of DOE-approved access limitations in accordance with statutory, regulatory, Executive order, and/or other Departmental requirements.
  • STI that I provide through E-Link will be marked in accordance with the access/distribution limitation provided in the Announcement Notice. Furthermore, the information I provide through E-Link will not contain protected Personally Identifiable Information.


EXIT E-LINK IMMEDIATELY if you do not agree to the conditions stated.

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