United States Department of Energy
Energy Link System (E-Link)

DOE STI Management System


What Is E-Link?

E-Link provides the means for scientific and technical information (STI) sponsored by Department of Energy (DOE) to be provided electronically to DOE. E-Link is developed and maintained by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).

OSTI ensures that STI is identified, processed, disseminated and preserved as part the DOE mission. The information provided is handled in accordance with access/distribution limitations provided in the 241 Announcement Notices.


E-Link facilitates the electronic submittal of STI between DOE and its client community including researchers, reviewers, research administrators, and others doing business with DOE. STI deliverables provided to DOE through E-Link are announced, as appropriate, on web products maintained by OSTI, which provide free and convenient public access to full text and bibliographic data of products resulting from DOE-funded research.

Who Uses E-Link?

  • Major Site / Facility Management Contractors, including NNSA.
  • Financial Assistance Recipients / Awardees and Non-Major Sites / Facility Management contractors - recipients of DOE contracts and awards.
  • DOE Awarding Offices - DOE personnel (including federal and contractor employees) at the Operations Offices.
  • DOE Program Offices - DOE HQ Program Personnel, including program managers.

E-Link Access

DOE Operations / Field Offices and Major Site / Facility Management Contractors must Request Access and log on. Financial Assistance Recipients are not required to log on. You must have access to an Internet connection and a qualified Web browser (see System Requirements).

It is the responsibility of submitting organizations and their respective releasing officials to ensure that no Protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is contained in STI reports and products submitted to OSTI.

E-Link Product Manager: Kim Buckner, elink_Helpdesk@osti.gov, 865-576-4070

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