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Announcement Notice 241.4 Instructions

Submission Type

Select whether this is a new submission or a revision of an existing record.

Software Title

The title of the software. Version number required if submission is a revision to an existing package.


The acronym for this software package.


The primary software developer should be listed first. Multiple names acceptable. Allows for "NONE" as an option for few cases where necessary.

Email Address(es)

Provide in same order as developer names. Will be used only by OSTI staff.

Site Product Number

Unique site number that identifies the software product.

Contract Number

Required for all submissions (may be "NONE").

Package Number

When revising an existing record, you must enter it's Package Number.

R & D Project ID

A unique and permanent ID assigned to identify a particular research project or funding source.

Software or Other Identifying Number(s)

If appropriate, includes CRADA number, LDRD number, B & R code, etc.

Submitting Organization

The organization/site submitting the software.

Release Date/Date of Issuance

Identifies the software release date. Standard format to be followed (e.g. follow rules of inputting), but requires standard 4 digit year.

Contributing Organization

Organization contributing the software. May be entered in place of naming individual software developers.


Information useful to include in published announcement record, but which is not suited for any other field on this Notice.


Text should be spell checked, limited in length to 2000 characters, and follow input standards for special characters.

Describe the purpose of the computer program, state the problem being solved and summarize the program functions and capabilities (highlight the advantages, distinguishing features and/or special capabilities). Provide a short summary of the mathematical methods, engineering principles, numerical algorithms and procedures incorporated into the software.


Legal Notices/Disclaimers

Legal notices and/or Disclaimers that may address the conditions under which the software is to be distributed. These notices may be attached as an electronic file or sent as a hard copy.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware and installation environment requirements necessary for full utilization of the software. Include memory and RAM requirements in addition to any nonstandard features.

Software Requirements

Software requirements necessary for full utilization of the software. Operating System and Programming Language are required.

Media Type Information

An explanation of the type of media (diskette, CD, etc.) provided with the package.

Media Format Information

Format required to operate the software.

Document Type

The type of documentation provided with the package. If other, enter further details.

Document Format

The format of documentation provided with the package. If other, enter further details.


List citations of pertinent publications by author, title, report number, barcode, or order number (if available) and date. References are to be broken down into two groupings: 1) reference documents provided with the submittal package and 2) additional background reference materials generally available.

Intellectual Property/Distribution Limitations

Enter Unlimited Announcement if the software can be made available to all requesters. Otherwise choose the correct Intellectual Property/Distribution Limitation designation(s).

  1. Unlimited Announcement - Software can be made available to all requesters? government, public and foreign (sensitive countries require Headquarters approval).
  2. Open Source Software - Computer software that is distributed under a license that grants the user the rights to use, copy, modify, prepare derivative works, and distribute the software without having to make royalty payments. Such distribution may include original or modified source code, other formats, and any derivative works thereof. Contractor must submit AN 241.4 to ESTSC and provide unique URL on the Notice for ESTSC to distribute.
  3. Copyrighted/Unlimited - ESTSC is authorized in major contractor data clauses to disseminate copyrighted works developed using DOE funding, under a BROAD government license. Works may be made available to all requesters. Sensitive countries require Headquarters approval. An expanded description/abstract is required.
  4. Copyrighted/Limited - ESTSC is authorized in major contractor data clauses to disseminate copyrighted works developed using DOE funding, under a LIMITED government license, to Government agencies and their contractors. The copyright holder will disseminate to all other requesters. An expanded description/abstract is required.
  5. Official Use Only (OUO)
    1. Export Controlled Information (e.g. under ITAR/EAR) (Exemption 3) - OUO
    2. Protected Date - CRADA or OTHER (please specify) - OUO
    3. Patent Pending (Exemption 3) - OUO
    4. Limited Rights Data (Proprietary/Trade Secret) (Exemption 4) - OUO
    5. Nuclear Energy Applied Technology (Exemption 5) - OUO
    6. ProgramDetermined Official Use Only (enter exemption number) - OUO
    7. Security Sensitive Information (Exemption 2) - OUO

Contact Information

Site contact that will receive any external questions about the software.
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