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Title: Sutureless Corneal Transplantation Apparatus And Method

An eye with a cornea repaired without sutures comprising a donor material in the shape of a partial sphere having a generally central extent, the central extent being of the size and shape of the central portion of a cornea of an eye, the central extent having a periphery of a fixed diameter with an exterior surface in a convex configuration and an interior surface in a concave configuration and with an essentially common thickness throughout, the central extent having a plurality of corneal flaps extending radially from the periphery of the central extent, the flaps having exterior surfaces as a continuation of the exterior surface of the central extent; and a recipient eye in the shape of a partial sphere having a circular aperture in the cornea at its central portion, the central aperture being of a size and shape essentially that of the periphery of the central extent of the donor material, the aperture being of a common thickness at the periphery of the aperture, the central portion having pockets and with the central extent of the donor material located within the aperture of the recipient eye and with the flaps of the central extent being imbricated intomore » the pockets of the recipient eye.« less
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Rowsey, J. James (Tampa, FL) OSTI
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US 5584881
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United States