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Title: Manganese oxide helices, rings, strands, and films, and methods for their preparation

Methods for the preparation of mixed-valence manganese oxide compositions with quaternary ammonium ions are described. The compositions self-assemble into helices, rings, and strands without any imposed concentration gradient. These helices, rings, and strands, as well as films having the same composition, undergo rapid ion exchange to replace the quaternary ammonium ions with various metal ions. And the metal-ion-containing manganese oxide compositions so formed can be heat treated to form semi-conducting materials with high surface areas.
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  1. (Storrs, CT)
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The University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT) OSTI
Patent Number(s):
US 6503476
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Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (United States)
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United States
manganese; oxide; helices; rings; strands; films; methods; preparation; mixed-valence; compositions; quaternary; ammonium; described; self-assemble; imposed; concentration; gradient; composition; undergo; rapid; exchange; replace; metal; metal-ion-containing; formed; heat; treated; form; semi-conducting; materials; surface; conducting material; manganese oxide; quaternary ammonium; oxide composition; /423/