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Title: Method and apparatus for detection of charge on ions and particles

The present invention provides a tessellated array detector with charge collecting plate (or cup) electrode pixels and amplifying circuitry integrated into each pixel making it sensitive to external electrostatic charge; a micro collector/amplifier pixel design possessing a small capacitance to ensure a high charge to voltage signal conversion for low noise/high sensitivity operation; a micro-fabricated array of such pixels to create a useful macroscopic target area for ion and charged particle collection.
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  1. (3938 Park Pl., Montrose, CA 91020)
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Fuerstenau; Stephen Douglas (3938 Park Pl., Montrose, CA 91020); Soli; George Arthur (4003 Wanna Vista Dr., Vancouver, WA 98661) LBNL
Patent Number(s):
US 6480278
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA
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United States
method; apparatus; detection; charge; particles; provides; tessellated; array; detector; collecting; plate; cup; electrode; pixels; amplifying; circuitry; integrated; pixel; sensitive; external; electrostatic; micro; collectoramplifier; design; possessing; capacitance; ensure; voltage; signal; conversion; noisehigh; sensitivity; operation; micro-fabricated; create; useful; macroscopic; target; charged; particle; collection; charged particle; voltage signal; array detector; /356/250/