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Title: X-ray mask and method for providing same

The present invention describes a method for fabricating an x-ray mask tool which can achieve pattern features having lateral dimension of less than 1 micron. The process uses a thin photoresist and a standard lithographic mask to transfer an trace image pattern in the surface of a silicon wafer by exposing and developing the resist. The exposed portion of the silicon substrate is then anisotropically etched to provide an etched image of the trace image pattern consisting of a series of channels in the silicon having a high depth-to-width aspect ratio. These channels are then filled by depositing a metal such as gold to provide an inverse image of the trace image and thereby providing a robust x-ray mask tool.
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Sandia National Laboratories (Livermore, CA) SNL
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US 6477225
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United States
x-ray; mask; method; providing; describes; fabricating; tool; achieve; pattern; features; lateral; dimension; micron; process; photoresist; standard; lithographic; transfer; trace; image; surface; silicon; wafer; exposing; developing; resist; exposed; portion; substrate; anisotropically; etched; provide; consisting; series; channels; depth-to-width; aspect; ratio; filled; depositing; metal; gold; inverse; robust; silicon substrate; silicon wafer; /378/

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