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Title: Apparatus for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide

Hydrocarbon fuel reformer 100 suitable for producing synthesis hydrogen gas from reactions with hydrocarbons fuels, oxygen, and steam. A first tube 108 has a first tube inlet 110 and a first tube outlet 112. The first tube inlet 110 is adapted for receiving a first mixture including an oxygen-containing gas and a first fuel. A partially oxidized first reaction reformate is directed out of the first tube 108 into a mixing zone 114. A second tube 116 is annularly disposed about the first tube 108 and has a second tube inlet 118 and a second tube outlet 120. The second tube inlet 118 is adapted for receiving a second mixture including steam and a second fuel. A steam reformed second reaction reformate is directed out of the second tube 116 and into the mixing zone 114. From the mixing zone 114, the first and second reaction reformates may be directed into a catalytic reforming zone 144 containing a reforming catalyst 147.
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  1. (7 Rocky Brook Rd., Dover, MA 02030)
  2. (111 Oakley Rd., Belmont, MA 02178)
  3. (20 Landmark Rd., Westford, MA 01886)
  4. (1 Richdale Ave.#2, Cambridge, MA 02140)
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Clawson; Lawrence G. (7 Rocky Brook Rd., Dover, MA 02030); Mitchell; William L. (111 Oakley Rd., Belmont, MA 02178); Bentley; Jeffrey M. (20 Landmark Rd., Westford, MA 01886); Thijssen; Johannes H. J. (1 Richdale Ave.#2, Cambridge, MA 02140) OSTI
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US 6468480
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United States
apparatus; converting; hydrocarbon; fuel; hydrogen; gas; carbon; dioxide; reformer; 100; producing; synthesis; reactions; hydrocarbons; fuels; oxygen; steam; tube; 108; inlet; 110; outlet; 112; adapted; receiving; mixture; including; oxygen-containing; partially; oxidized; reaction; reformate; directed; mixing; zone; 114; 116; annularly; disposed; 118; 120; reformed; reformates; catalytic; reforming; 144; containing; catalyst; 147; carbon dioxide; hydrogen gas; mixture including; converting hydrocarbon; fuel reformer; producing synthesis; /422/