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Title: Ultrathin optical panel and a method of making an ultrathin optical panel

An ultrathin optical panel, and a method of producing an ultrathin optical panel, are disclosed, including stacking a plurality of glass sheets, which sheets may be coated With a transparent cladding substance or may be uncoated, fastening together the plurality of stacked coated glass sheets using an epoxy or ultraviolet adhesive, applying uniform pressure to the stack, curing the stack, sawing the stack to form an inlet face on a side of the stack and an outlet face on an opposed side of the stack, bonding a coupler to the inlet face of the stack, and fastening the stack, having the coupler bonded thereto, within a rectangular housing having an open front which is aligned with the outlet face, the rectangular housing having therein a light generator which is optically aligned with the coupler. The light generator is preferably placed parallel to and proximate with the inlet face, thereby allowing for a reduction in the depth of the housing.
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Brookhaven Science Associates (Upton, NY) BNL
Patent Number(s):
US 6400876
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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY
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United States
ultrathin; optical; panel; method; producing; disclosed; including; stacking; plurality; glass; sheets; coated; transparent; cladding; substance; uncoated; fastening; stacked; epoxy; ultraviolet; adhesive; applying; uniform; pressure; stack; curing; sawing; form; inlet; outlet; opposed; bonding; coupler; bonded; rectangular; housing; front; aligned; light; generator; optically; placed; parallel; proximate; allowing; reduction; depth; optical panel; /385/65/156/348/445/