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Title: Light redirective display panel and a method of making a light redirective display panel

An optical display panel which provides improved light intensity at a viewing angle by redirecting light emitting from the viewing screen, and a method of making a light redirective display panel, are disclosed. The panel includes an inlet face at one end for receiving light, and an outlet screen at an opposite end for displaying the light. The inlet face is defined at one end of a transparent body, which body may be formed by a plurality of waveguides, and the outlet screen is defined at an opposite end of the body. The screen includes light redirective elements at the outlet screen for re-directing light emitting from the outlet screen. The method includes stacking a plurality of glass sheets, with a layer of adhesive or epoxy between each sheet, curing the adhesive to form a stack, placing the stack against a saw and cutting the stack at two opposite ends to form a wedge-shaped panel having an inlet face and an outlet face, and forming at the outlet face a plurality of light redirective elements which direct light incident on the outlet face into a controlled light cone.
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Brookhaven Science Associates (Upton, NY) BNL
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US 6389206
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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY
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United States
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