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Title: Process for forming shaped group III-V semiconductor nanocrystals, and product formed using process

A process for the formation of shaped Group III-V semiconductor nanocrystals comprises contacting the semiconductor nanocrystal precursors with a liquid media comprising a binary mixture of phosphorus-containing organic surfactants capable of promoting the growth of either spherical semiconductor nanocrystals or rod-like semiconductor nanocrystals, whereby the shape of the semiconductor nanocrystals formed in said binary mixture of surfactants is controlled by adjusting the ratio of the surfactants in the binary mixture.
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  1. (Oakland, CA)
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The Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA) LBNL
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US 6306736
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University of California
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United States
process; forming; shaped; iii-v; semiconductor; nanocrystals; product; formed; formation; contacting; nanocrystal; precursors; liquid; media; comprising; binary; mixture; phosphorus-containing; organic; surfactants; capable; promoting; growth; spherical; rod-like; shape; controlled; adjusting; ratio; semiconductor nanocrystal; iii-v semiconductor; product formed; /438/257/420/423/