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Title: Method for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide

A method for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide within a reformer 10 is disclosed. According to the method, a stream including an oxygen-containing gas is directed adjacent to a first vessel 18 and the oxygen-containing gas is heated. A stream including unburned fuel is introduced into the oxygen-containing gas stream to form a mixture including oxygen-containing gas and fuel. The mixture of oxygen-containing gas and unburned fuel is directed tangentially into a partial oxidation reaction zone 24 within the first vessel 18. The mixture of oxygen-containing gas and fuel is further directed through the partial oxidation reaction zone 24 to produce a heated reformate stream including hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide. Steam may also be mixed with the oxygen-containing gas and fuel, and the reformate stream from the partial oxidation reaction zone 24 directed into a steam reforming zone 26. High- and low-temperature shift reaction zones 64,76 may be employed for further fuel processing.
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Arthur D. Little, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) OSTI
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US 6083425
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United States
method; converting; hydrocarbon; fuel; hydrogen; gas; carbon; dioxide; reformer; 10; disclosed; according; stream; including; oxygen-containing; directed; adjacent; vessel; 18; heated; unburned; introduced; form; mixture; tangentially; partial; oxidation; reaction; zone; 24; produce; reformate; monoxide; steam; mixed; reforming; 26; high-; low-temperature; shift; zones; 64; 76; employed; processing; reaction zones; stream including; converting hydrocarbon; fuel processing; reforming zone; partial oxidation; oxygen-containing gas; hydrocarbon fuel; hydrogen gas; carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide; gas stream; reaction zone; steam reforming; containing gas; oxidation reaction; shift reaction; mixture including; unburned fuel; including hydrogen; directed tangentially; /252/423/