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Title: Oriented niobate ferroelectric thin films for electrical and optical devices and method of making such films

Sr.sub.x Ba.sub.1-x Nb.sub.2 O.sub.6, where x is greater than 0.25 and less than 0.75, and KNbO.sub.3 ferroelectric thin films metalorganic chemical vapor deposited on amorphous or crystalline substrate surfaces to provide a crystal axis of the film exhibiting a high dielectric susceptibility, electro-optic coefficient, and/or nonlinear optic coefficient oriented preferentially in a direction relative to a crystalline or amorphous substrate surface. Such films can be used in electronic, electro-optic, and frequency doubling components.
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  1. (Wilmette, IL)
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Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) CHO
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US 5753300
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United States
oriented; niobate; ferroelectric; films; electrical; optical; devices; method; sr; 1-x; nb; 25; 75; knbo; metalorganic; chemical; vapor; deposited; amorphous; crystalline; substrate; surfaces; provide; crystal; axis; film; exhibiting; dielectric; susceptibility; electro-optic; coefficient; nonlinear; optic; preferentially; direction; relative; surface; electronic; frequency; doubling; components; vapor deposited; chemical vapor; substrate surface; optical device; optical devices; metalorganic chemical; amorphous substrate; substrate surfaces; crystalline substrate; direction relative; organic chemical; nonlinear optic; oriented niobate; niobate ferroelectric; frequency doubling; films metalorganic; /427/