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Title: Wireless boundary monitor system and method

A wireless boundary monitor system used to monitor the integrity of a boundary surrounding an area uses at least two housings having at least one transmitting means for emitting ultrasonic pressure waves to a medium. Each of the housings has a plurality of receiving means for sensing the pressure waves in the medium. The transmitting means and the receiving means of each housing are aimable and communicably linked. At least one of the housings is equipped with a local alarm means for emitting a first alarm indication whereby, when the pressure waves propagating from a transmitting means to a receiving means are sufficiently blocked by an object a local alarm means or a remote alarm means or a combination thereof emit respective alarm indications. The system may be reset either manually or automatically. This wireless boundary monitor system has useful applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.
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Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc. (Oak Ridge, TN) ORNL
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US 5696489
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United States
wireless; boundary; monitor; method; integrity; surrounding; housings; transmitting; means; emitting; ultrasonic; pressure; waves; medium; plurality; receiving; sensing; housing; aimable; communicably; linked; equipped; local; alarm; indication; whereby; propagating; sufficiently; blocked; remote; combination; emit; respective; indications; reset; manually; automatically; useful; applications; indoor; outdoor; environments; transmitting means; pressure waves; receiving means; pressure wave; useful application; wireless boundary; boundary monitor; emitting ultrasonic; alarm indications; alarm indication; /340/181/367/