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Title: Attachment device for an inflatable protective cushion

An inflatable cushion assembly for use with an inflator comprises an inflatable cushion having an inner surface, outer surface, and at least one protrusion extending from one of the inner or outer surfaces. The inflatable cushion defines an opening between the inner surface and the outer surface for receiving the inflator. An attachment member contacts the one of the inner or outer surfaces adjacent the opening and includes a groove for receiving the protrusion, the attachment member securing the inflator within the opening.
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Precision Fabric Group (Greensboro, NC) SNL
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US 5687986
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United States
attachment; device; inflatable; protective; cushion; assembly; inflator; comprises; inner; surface; outer; protrusion; extending; surfaces; defines; receiving; contacts; adjacent; groove; securing; attachment device; inflatable cushion; outer surfaces; inflatable protective; inner surface; outer surface; protective cushion; surfaces adjacent; protrusion extending; inflator comprises; cushion assembly; /280/