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Title: Method for dissolution and stabilization of silica-rich fibers

A method for dissolving silica-rich fibers such as borosilicate fibers, fiberglass and asbestos to stabilize them for disposal. The method comprises (1) immersing the fibers in hot, five-weight-percent sodium hydroxide solution until the concentration of dissolved silica reaches equilibrium and a only a residue is left (about 48 hours), then immersing the residue in hot, five-weight-percent nitric acid until the residue dissolves (about 96 hours). After adjusting the pH of the dissolved fibers to be caustic, the solution can then be added to a waste vitrification stream for safe disposal. The method is useful in disposing contaminated HEME and HEPA filters.
  1. (Aiken, SC)
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United States Department of Energy (Washington, DC) SRS
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US 5686365
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United States
method; dissolution; stabilization; silica-rich; fibers; dissolving; borosilicate; fiberglass; asbestos; stabilize; disposal; comprises; immersing; hot; five-weight-percent; sodium; hydroxide; solution; concentration; dissolved; silica; reaches; equilibrium; residue; left; 48; hours; nitric; acid; dissolves; 96; adjusting; ph; caustic; added; waste; vitrification; stream; safe; useful; disposing; contaminated; heme; hepa; filters; hepa filter; sodium hydroxide; method comprises; nitric acid; safe disposal; method comprise; hydroxide solution; silica-rich fibers; oxide solution; /501/65/134/588/

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