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Title: Modular robot

A modular robot may comprise a main body having a structure defined by a plurality of stackable modules. The stackable modules may comprise a manifold, a valve module, and a control module. The manifold may comprise a top surface and a bottom surface having a plurality of fluid passages contained therein, at least one of the plurality of fluid passages terminating in a valve port located on the bottom surface of the manifold. The valve module is removably connected to the manifold and selectively fluidically connects the plurality of fluid passages contained in the manifold to a supply of pressurized fluid and to a vent. The control module is removably connected to the valve module and actuates the valve module to selectively control a flow of pressurized fluid through different ones of the plurality of fluid passages in the manifold. The manifold, valve module, and control module are mounted together in a sandwich-like manner and comprise a main body. A plurality of leg assemblies are removably connected to the main body and are removably fluidically connected to the fluid passages in the manifold so that each of the leg assemblies can be selectively actuated by the flow of pressurized fluidmore » in different ones of the plurality of fluid passages in the manifold.« less
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US 5685383
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modular; robot; comprise; main; structure; defined; plurality; stackable; modules; manifold; valve; module; control; top; surface; bottom; fluid; passages; contained; therein; terminating; located; removably; connected; selectively; fluidically; connects; supply; pressurized; actuates; flow; ones; mounted; sandwich-like; manner; leg; assemblies; actuated; fluid passage; leg assemblies; top surface; contained therein; pressurized fluid; bottom surface; control module; selectively actuated; modular robot; stackable modules; selectively control; /180/901/