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Title: Ultra high vacuum broad band high power microwave window

An improved high vacuum microwave window has been developed that utilizes high density polyethylene coated on two sides with SiOx, SiNx, or a combination of the two. The resultant low dielectric and low loss tangent window creates a low outgassing, low permeation seal through which broad band, high power microwave energy may be passed. No matching device is necessary and the sealing technique is simple. The features of the window are broad band transmission, ultra-high vacuum compatibility with a simple sealing technique, low voltage standing wave ratio, high power transmission and low cost.
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  1. (Seaford, VA)
  2. (Yorktown, VA)
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Southeastern Universities Research Ass., Inc. (Newport News, VA) TJNAF
Patent Number(s):
US 5683783
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United States
ultra; vacuum; broad; band; power; microwave; window; improved; developed; utilizes; density; polyethylene; coated; siox; sinx; combination; resultant; dielectric; loss; tangent; creates; outgassing; permeation; seal; energy; passed; matching; device; sealing; technique; simple; features; transmission; ultra-high; compatibility; voltage; standing; wave; ratio; cost; microwave window; power transmission; microwave energy; standing wave; broad band; wave energy; ultra-high vacuum; power microwave; sealing technique; density polyethylene; vacuum microwave; /428/156/

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