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Title: Sol-gel type synthesis of Bi.sub.2 (Sr,Ta.sub.2)O.sub.9 using an acetate based system

A method of forming a layered-perovskite bismuth-strontium-tantalum oxide (SBT) ferroelectric material is performed by dissolving a bismuth compound in a first solvent to form a first solution, mixing a strontium compound and a tantalum compound to form a binary mixture, dissolving the binary mixture in a second solvent to form a second solution, mixing the first solution with the second solution to form a SBT precursor solution, evaporating the first and second solvents to form a SBT precursor material and subsequently sintering said SBT precursor material in the presence of oxygen.
  1. (Albuquerque, NM)
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Sandia Corporation (Alburquerque, NM) SNL
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US 5683614
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United States
sol-gel; type; synthesis; sr; acetate; based; method; forming; layered-perovskite; bismuth-strontium-tantalum; oxide; sbt; ferroelectric; material; performed; dissolving; bismuth; compound; solvent; form; solution; mixing; strontium; tantalum; binary; mixture; precursor; evaporating; solvents; subsequently; sintering; presence; oxygen; precursor solution; precursor material; binary mixture; tantalum compound; ferroelectric material; tantalum oxide; /252/427/501/999/