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Title: Method and apparatus for processing a test sample to concentrate an analyte in the sample from a solvent in the sample

A method of processing a test sample to concentrate an analyte in the sample from a solvent in the sample includes: a) boiling the test sample containing the analyte and solvent in a boiling chamber to a temperature greater than or equal to the solvent boiling temperature and less than the analyte boiling temperature to form a rising sample vapor mixture; b) passing the sample vapor mixture from the boiling chamber to an elongated primary separation tube, the separation tube having internal sidewalls and a longitudinal axis, the longitudinal axis being angled between vertical and horizontal and thus having an upper region and a lower region; c) collecting the physically transported liquid analyte on the internal sidewalls of the separation tube; and d) flowing the collected analyte along the angled internal sidewalls of the separation tube to and pass the separation tube lower region. The invention also includes passing a turbulence inducing wave through a vapor mixture to separate physically transported liquid second material from vaporized first material. Apparatus are also disclosed for effecting separations. Further disclosed is a fluidically powered liquid test sample withdrawal apparatus for withdrawing a liquid test sample from a test sample container and for cleaningmore » the test sample container.« less
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US 5677193
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method; apparatus; processing; sample; concentrate; analyte; solvent; boiling; containing; chamber; temperature; equal; form; rising; vapor; mixture; passing; elongated; primary; separation; tube; internal; sidewalls; longitudinal; axis; angled; vertical; horizontal; upper; region; collecting; physically; transported; liquid; flowing; collected; pass; turbulence; inducing; wave; separate; material; vaporized; disclosed; effecting; separations; fluidically; powered; withdrawal; withdrawing; container; cleaning; boiling temperature; vapor mixture; sample container; sample containing; longitudinal axis; upper region; solvent boiling; /436/95/202/203/422/