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Title: In situ removal of contamination from soil

A process of remediation of cationic heavy metal contamination from soil utilizes gas phase manipulation to inhibit biodegradation of a chelating agent that is used in an electrokinesis process to remove the contamination, and further gas phase manipulation to stimulate biodegradation of the chelating agent after the contamination has been removed. The process ensures that the chelating agent is not attacked by bioorganisms in the soil prior to removal of the contamination, and that the chelating agent does not remain as a new contaminant after the process is completed.
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  1. (Albuquerque, NM)
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US 5676819
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United States
situ; removal; contamination; soil; process; remediation; cationic; heavy; metal; utilizes; gas; phase; manipulation; inhibit; biodegradation; chelating; agent; electrokinesis; remove; stimulate; removed; ensures; attacked; bioorganisms; prior; remain; contaminant; completed; metal contamination; heavy metal; gas phase; chelating agent; /205/204/588/