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Title: Method and apparatus for reading meters from a video image

A method and system to enable acquisition of data about an environment from one or more meters using video images. One or more meters are imaged by a video camera and the video signal is digitized. Then, each region of the digital image which corresponds to the indicator of the meter is calibrated and the video signal is analyzed to determine the value indicated by each meter indicator. Finally, from the value indicated by each meter indicator in the calibrated region, a meter reading is generated. The method and system offer the advantages of automatic data collection in a relatively non-intrusive manner without making any complicated or expensive electronic connections, and without requiring intensive manpower.
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United States Department of Energy (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 5673331
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United States
method; apparatus; reading; meters; video; image; enable; acquisition; data; environment; images; imaged; camera; signal; digitized; region; digital; corresponds; indicator; meter; calibrated; analyzed; determine; value; indicated; finally; generated; offer; advantages; automatic; collection; relatively; non-intrusive; manner; complicated; expensive; electronic; connections; requiring; intensive; manpower; video signal; video camera; data collection; digital image; video image; non-intrusive manner; /382/340/