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Title: Installation and assembly device and method of using

An installation and assembly device for aligning a first member such as a pump impeller with a second member such as an inlet nozzle of an impeller pump. The installation and assembly device includes a sleeve slideable within the inlet nozzle and a vertical positioning assembly which has a contact member that is extendable out away from the sleeve so as to vertically position the sleeve on a shoulder of the inlet nozzle and to present an upper contact surface spaced a certain distance from the shoulder to provide the desired vertical spacing with respect to the impeller contacting the upper contact surface. The vertical positioning assembly is retractable so as to allow for removal of the sleeve through the nozzle when installation and assembly are completed. The alignment device also includes a radial alignment assembly supported by the sleeve and adjustable to an expanded state for contacting and spacing the interior surface of the impeller a certain distance from the sleeve and hence a certain distance from the inlet nozzle. The radial alignment device being adjustable from a retracted removal state to an expanded state and also being adjustable to fine tune the spacing of the impeller from themore » sleeve. The radial alignment device also preferably includes members that can be used to releasably secure the sleeve to the impeller.« less
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US 5666724
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