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Title: Method for deposition of a conductor in integrated circuits

A method is described for fabricating integrated semiconductor circuits and, more particularly, for the selective deposition of a conductor onto a substrate employing a chemical vapor deposition process. By way of example, tungsten can be selectively deposited onto a silicon substrate. At the onset of loss of selectivity of deposition of tungsten onto the silicon substrate, the deposition process is interrupted and unwanted tungsten which has deposited on a mask layer with the silicon substrate can be removed employing a halogen etchant. Thereafter, a plurality of deposition/etch back cycles can be carried out to achieve a predetermined thickness of tungsten.
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Sandia Corporation (Albuquerque, NM) SNL
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US 5663098
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United States
method; deposition; conductor; integrated; circuits; described; fabricating; semiconductor; particularly; selective; substrate; employing; chemical; vapor; process; example; tungsten; selectively; deposited; silicon; onset; loss; selectivity; interrupted; unwanted; mask; layer; removed; halogen; etchant; thereafter; plurality; etch; cycles; carried; achieve; predetermined; thickness; predetermined thickness; chemical vapor; vapor deposition; silicon substrate; integrated circuits; integrated circuit; deposition process; mask layer; /438/