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Title: Method to transform algae, materials therefor, and products produced thereby

Disclosed is a method to transform chlorophyll C-containing algae which includes introducing a recombinant molecule comprising a nucleic acid molecule encoding a dominant selectable marker operatively linked to an algal regulatory control sequence into a chlorophyll C-containing alga in such a manner that the marker is produced by the alga. In a preferred embodiment the algal regulatory control sequence is derived from a diatom and preferably Cyclotella cryptica. Also disclosed is a chimeric molecule having one or more regulatory control sequences derived from one or more chlorophyll C-containing algae operatively linked to a nucleic acid molecule encoding a selectable marker, an RNA molecule and/or a protein, wherein the nucleic acid molecule does not normally occur with one or more of the regulatory control sequences. Further specifically disclosed are molecules pACCNPT10, pACCNPT4.8 and pACCNPT5.1. The methods and materials of the present invention provide the ability to accomplish stable genetic transformation of chlorophyll C-containing algae.
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Dunahay, Terri Goodman (2710 Arbor Glen Pl., Boulder, CO 80304);Roessler, Paul G. (15905 Ellsworth Pl., Golden, CO 80401);Jarvis, Eric E. (3720 Smuggler Pl., Boulder, CO 80303) NREL
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US 5661017
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Midwest Research Institute
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United States
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