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Title: Polymer micromold and fabrication process

A mold assembly with micro-sized features in which the hollow portion thereof is fabricated from a sacrificial mandrel which is surface treated and then coated to form an outer shell. The sacrificial mandrel is then selectively etched away leaving the outer shell as the final product. The sacrificial mandrel is fabricated by a precision lathe, for example, so that when removed by etching the inner or hollow area has diameters as small as 10's of micros (.mu.m). Varying the inside diameter contours of the mold can be accomplished with specified ramping slopes formed on the outer surface of the sacrificial mandrel, with the inside or hollow section being, for example, 275 .mu.m in length up to 150 .mu.m in diameter within a 6 mm outside diameter (o.d.) mold assembly. The mold assembly itself can serve as a micronozzle or microneedle, and plastic parts, such as microballoons for angioplasty, polymer microparts, and microactuators, etc., may be formed within the mold assembly.
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  1. (1428 Whitecliff Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94596)
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Lee, Abraham P. (1428 Whitecliff Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94596);Northrup, M. Allen (923 Creston Rd., Berkeley, CA 94708);Ahre, Paul E. (1299 Gonzaga Ct., Livermore, CA 94550);Dupuy, Peter C. (1736 Waldo Ct., Modesto, CA 95358) LLNL
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US 5658515
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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United States
polymer; micromold; fabrication; process; mold; assembly; micro-sized; features; hollow; portion; fabricated; sacrificial; mandrel; surface; treated; coated; form; outer; shell; selectively; etched; leaving; final; product; precision; lathe; example; removed; etching; inner; diameters; 10; micros; varying; inside; diameter; contours; accomplished; specified; ramping; slopes; formed; section; 275; length; 150; outside; serve; micronozzle; microneedle; plastic; microballoons; angioplasty; microparts; microactuators; etc; mold assembly; outside diameter; outer shell; outer surface; fabrication process; final product; inside diameter; selectively etched; sacrificial mandrel; hollow portion; surface treated; /264/29/205/249/427/