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Title: Motor vehicle fuel analyzer

A gas detecting system for classifying the type of liquid fuel in a container or tank. The system includes a plurality of semiconductor gas sensors, each of which differs from the other in its response to various organic vapors. The system includes a means of processing the responses of the plurality of sensors such that the responses to any particular organic substance or mixture is sufficiently distinctive to constitute a recognizable "signature". The signature of known substances are collected and divided into two classes based on some other known characteristic of the substances. A pattern recognition system classifies the signature of an unknown substance with reference to the two user-defined classes, thereby classifying the unknown substance with regard to the characteristic of interest, such as its suitability for a particular use.
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Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc. () ORNL
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US 5654497
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United States
motor; vehicle; fuel; analyzer; gas; detecting; classifying; type; liquid; container; tank; plurality; semiconductor; sensors; differs; response; various; organic; vapors; means; processing; responses; particular; substance; mixture; sufficiently; distinctive; constitute; recognizable; signature; substances; collected; divided; based; characteristic; pattern; recognition; classifies; reference; user-defined; regard; suitability; pattern recognition; motor vehicle; liquid fuel; gas sensor; organic vapor; vehicle fuel; various organic; organic vapors; organic substance; gas sensors; /73/702/