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Title: Apparatus and methods for cooling and sealing rotary helical screw compressors

In a compression system which incorporates a rotary helical screw compressor, and for any type of gas or refrigerant, the working liquid oil is atomized through nozzles suspended in, and parallel to, the suction gas flow, or alternatively the nozzles are mounted on the suction piping. In either case, the aim is to create positively a homogeneous mixture of oil droplets to maximize the effectiveness of the working liquid oil in improving the isothermal and volumetric efficiencies. The oil stream to be atomized may first be degassed at compressor discharge pressure by heating within a pressure vessel and recovering the energy added by using the outgoing oil stream to heat the incoming oil stream. The stripped gas is typically returned to the compressor discharge flow. In the preferred case, the compressor rotors both contain a hollow cavity through which working liquid oil is injected into channels along the edges of the rotors, thereby forming a continuous and positive seal between the rotor edges and the compressor casing. In the alternative method, working liquid oil is injected either in the same direction as the rotor rotation or counter to rotor rotation through channels in the compressor casing which are tangential tomore » the rotor edges and parallel to the rotor centerlines or alternatively the channel paths coincide with the helical path of the rotor edges.« less
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