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Title: Ceramic blade with tip seal

The present gas turbine engine (10) includes a disc assembly (64) defining a disc (66) having a plurality of blades (70) attached thereto. The disc (66) has a preestablished rate of thermal expansion and the plurality of blades have a preestablished rate of thermal expansion being less than the preestablished rate of thermal expansion of the disc (66). A shroud assembly (100) is attached to the gas turbine engine (10) and is spaced from the plurality of blades (70) a preestablished distance forming an interface (108) therebetween. Positioned in the interface is a seal (110) having a preestablished rate of thermal expansion being generally equal to the rate of thermal expansion of the plurality of blades (70).
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  1. (Del Mar, CA)
  2. (San Diego, CA)
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Solar Turbines Incorporated (San Diego, CA) NETL
Patent Number(s):
US 5653579
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United States
ceramic; blade; tip; seal; gas; turbine; engine; 10; disc; assembly; 64; defining; 66; plurality; blades; 70; attached; thereto; preestablished; rate; thermal; expansion; shroud; 100; spaced; distance; forming; interface; 108; therebetween; positioned; 110; equal; attached thereto; preestablished rate; turbine engine; thermal expansion; gas turbine; ceramic blade; shroud assembly; tip seal; disc assembly; /415/

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