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Title: Apparatus for preparing cornea material for tabbed (sutureless) transplantation

A tool and a method for preparing a donor material used in sutureless corneal transplants uses a first cutting portion to prepare a donor blank having tabbed portions extending outwardly radially. A second cutting portion is used to cut the central portion of the blank. The tool is used as a guide member for the second cutting portion. In one embodiment the tool has slits laterally defined therethrough which allow the tabbed portions of the donor material to be thinned to a desired thickness using a scalpel. In an another embodiment the second cutting portion is a round trephine which is used to simultaneously trim each of the tabbed portions.
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Collins, Joseph Patrick (7517 Fourth Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710) SNL
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US 5649944
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United States
apparatus; preparing; cornea; material; tabbed; sutureless; transplantation; tool; method; donor; corneal; transplants; cutting; portion; prepare; blank; portions; extending; outwardly; radially; cut; central; guide; embodiment; slits; laterally; defined; therethrough; allow; thinned; desired; thickness; scalpel; trephine; simultaneously; trim; extending outwardly; central portion; portions extending; desired thickness; /606/