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Title: Removal of dissolved actinides from alkaline solutions by the method of appearing reagents

A method of reducing the concentration of neptunium and plutonium from alkaline radwastes containing plutonium and neptunium values along with other transuranic values produced during the course of plutonium production. The OH.sup.- concentration of the alkaline radwaste is adjusted to between about 0.1M and about 4M. [UO.sub.2 (O.sub.2).sub.3 ].sup.4- ion is added to the radwastes in the presence of catalytic amounts of Cu.sup.+2, Co.sup.+2 or Fe.sup.+2 with heating to a temperature in excess of about C. or C., depending on the catalyst, to coprecipitate plutonium and neptunium from the radwaste. Thereafter, the coprecipitate is separated from the alkaline radwaste.
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  1. (Chelomiya St., 2, Apartment 15, Moscow, RU)
  2. (Svoboda St., Bldg. 7A, Apartment 15, Moscow, RU)
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Krot, Nikolai N. (Chelomiya St., 2, Apartment 15, Moscow, RU);Charushnikova, Iraida A. (Svoboda St., Bldg. 7A, Apartment 15, Moscow, RU) OSTI
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US 5640668
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Russian Federation of Atomic Energy
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United States
removal; dissolved; actinides; alkaline; solutions; method; appearing; reagents; reducing; concentration; neptunium; plutonium; radwastes; containing; values; transuranic; produced; course; production; oh; radwaste; adjusted; 1m; 4m; uo; 4-; added; presence; catalytic; amounts; cu; heating; temperature; excess; 60; degree; 85; depending; catalyst; coprecipitate; thereafter; separated; wastes containing; alkaline solutions; alkaline solution; catalytic amount; containing plutonium; transuranic values; /423/588/