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Title: Controlled CO preferential oxidation

Method for controlling the supply of air to a PROX reactor for the preferential oxidation in the presence of hydrogen wherein the concentration of the hydrogen entering and exiting the PROX reactor is monitored, the difference therebetween correlated to the amount of air needed to minimize such difference, and based thereon the air supply to the PROX reactor adjusted to provide such amount and minimize such difference.
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General Motors Corporation (Detroit, MI) CHO
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US 5637415
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General Motors Corp
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United States
controlled; preferential; oxidation; method; controlling; supply; air; prox; reactor; presence; hydrogen; concentration; entering; exiting; monitored; difference; therebetween; correlated; amount; minimize; based; thereon; adjusted; provide; based thereon; prox reactor; air supply; preferential oxidation; /429/423/