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Title: Airfoil nozzle and shroud assembly

An airfoil and nozzle assembly including an outer shroud having a plurality of vane members attached to an inner surface and having a cantilevered end. The assembly further includes a inner shroud being formed by a plurality of segments. Each of the segments having a first end and a second end and having a recess positioned in each of the ends. The cantilevered end of the vane member being positioned in the recess. The airfoil and nozzle assembly being made from a material having a lower rate of thermal expansion than that of the components to which the airfoil and nozzle assembly is attached.
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  1. (Maitland, FL)
  2. (San Diego, CA)
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Solar Turbines Incorporated (San Diego, CA) CHO
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US 5634768
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Solar Turbines Inc
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United States
airfoil; nozzle; shroud; assembly; including; outer; plurality; vane; attached; inner; surface; cantilevered; formed; segments; recess; positioned; material; rate; thermal; expansion; components; outer shroud; nozzle assembly; thermal expansion; inner surface; assembly including; inner shroud; shroud assembly; /415/