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Title: Device and method for remotely venting a container

A device for venting a container having a bung includes a saddle assembly curable to a container and having a support extending therefrom. A first arm is rotatably secured to the support, and the first arm extends in a first direction. A second arm has a first end portion drivingly engaged with the first arm, so that rotation of the first arm causes rotation of the second arm. A second end portion of the first arm is positionable proximate the bung of the container. A socket is operably associated and rotatable with the second end portion and is drivingly engageable with the bung, so that rotation of the socket causes corresponding rotation of the bung for thereby venting the container.
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US 5634484
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United States
device; method; remotely; venting; container; bung; saddle; assembly; curable; support; extending; therefrom; arm; rotatably; secured; extends; direction; portion; drivingly; engaged; rotation; causes; positionable; proximate; socket; operably; associated; rotatable; engageable; corresponding; arm extends; operably associated; extending therefrom; drivingly engaged; /137/81/251/